Minimum Shiurim (Measurements) for Pesach

Below are the minimum shiur requirements to fulfill the rabbinic and Torah obligations of eating Matzah, Maror, and drinking of the four cups of wine on Pesach.

Motzi Matzah Korech Afikoman
Preferable minimum amount 2 Kezaysim 1 Kezayis 2 Kezaysim
Minimum to fulfill obligation1 A piece from a whole matzah and 1 other Kezayis 1 Kezayis 1 Kezayis
Equivalent volume2 1.26-1.94 fl. oz.
2.27-3.5 cubic in.
37.3-57.4 cc.
0.63-0.97 fl. oz.
1.14-1.75 cubic in.
19.7-29.7 cc.
1.26-1.94 fl. oz.
2.27-3.5 cubic in.
37.3-57.4 cc.
Percentage of matzah3
Machine: 80-118%

Hand: 40-58%

Machine: 40-59%

Hand: 20-29%

Machine: 80-118%

Hand: 40-58%

Four Cups of Wine
Preferable minimum amount4 1 Revi'is
Minimum to fulfill obligation Majority of a Revi'is
Equivalent volume5
2.9-5.1 fl. oz.
4.2-9.6 cubic in.
74-151 cc.
See note 4.

Minimum to fulfill obligation 1 Kezayis
Equivalent volume2 0.63-0.97 fl. oz.
1.14-1.75 cubic in.
19.7-29.7 cc.
Area using romaine lettuce leaves
Area covering 8x10 in. (20.4x25.4 cm.)
Usually about one large leaf.
Area using romaine lettuce stalks
Area covering 3x5 in. (7.7x12.7 cm.)
Usually about two and a half large stalks or four medium-sized stalks.
Area using pure grated horseradish
1.1 fl. oz.
1.99 cubic in.
32.53 cc.


  1. Although the Torah level obligation is to eat only a single kezayis, it is a rabbinic requirement to eat a total of five kezaysim throughout the seder.
  2. 0.63 fl. oz. per kesayis is according to Rabbi Dovid Feinstein. 0.97 fl. oz. per kezayis is according to the stringent opinion of Rabbi Avraham Chaim Naeh.
  3. Assuming 8 hand matzos per pound and 15 machine matzos per pound. Pictures show minimum percentage based on most stringent opinion.
  4. One should fill up the cup to the top even if it is larger than a revi'is. Since some hold that one should drink the entire cup, if one plans to drink only a revi'is, one should use a cup that only holds a revi'is.
  5. 2.9 fl. oz. per revi'is is according to Rabbi Avraham Blumenkrantz. 5.1 fl. oz. per revi'is is according to Chazon Ish. Especially on Erev Shabbos, it is preferrable to use the more stringent opinion.